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Ateknea Solutions

Ateknea Solutions

CRIC became part of Ateknea Solutions. 

Ateknea Solutions brings together four research and innovation companies operating at a European level for over 15 years. The group will pool the expertise and know-how of more than 130 professionals working in Catalonia, Hungary, Malta and Poland. Its goal is to gain faster access to new sectors and markets, and to innovate within a cosmopolitan and technologically advanced context. Ateknea Solutions aims to assist European SMEs in transforming their innovative ideas into marketable products and services crucial for their success. Ateknea offers tailor-made services for innovation, with expertise covering a wide range of engineering and scientific areas.


Ar Diagnostic

Ar Diagnostic was established in 2006 by 2 researchers from the University of Algarve. Headquartered in Olhao (South of Portugal), this company is focused in monitoring environmental parameters addressing in particular indoor air quality, thermal comfort, ambient air quality and water quality. Comprised of a team with extensive experience in public health, quality systems and environmental analysis Ar Diagnostic offers a wide range of services for various sectors of activity.



AMBISALUD’s staff includes 15 people undertaking Indoor Air Quality audits and inspections and Implementation of corrective actions (particle filtration systems, air purification, etc). The company’s client portfolio includes big Spanish companies (Gas Natural-Fenosa, BBVA, Cajamadrid, Endesa, Iberdrola, Vodafone, ONO, main Hospitals, etc.) The average number of clients served per year is aprox. 200.


Pap Légtechnika

Our company was founded in 1999 as a family business. The company’s main profile is related to ventilation and heating- and cooling systems and the last few years have been marked with several successfully fulfilled orders. In 2006, we introduced ISO 9001:2000 quality controls and ISO 14001 environmental controls.

Our company is made up of engineers, technicians, welders, and electricians. We possess the appropriate hand and power tools, duct cleaning systems, stands and lorries. This technical background allows us to execute larger projects. Pap Ventilation Systems Ltd. sees its future in hiring more qualified workers, and emphasising the quality of our work and services.


Finnish Indoor Air Centre - Sisäilmakeskus

FIAC offers services in commissioning in new and renovated buildings, solving indoor air problems (research and measurements) and education and national research projects (PUTUSA, IV-puhtaaksi and ICT-ToVa of the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, TEKES). Its 30 staff experts audit approximately 200 buildings each year.


Green Air Monitoring

Founder John Harbud established the company in 1999 as an independent indoor air quality specialist. Our solution is specifically designed to help demonstrate by responsible monitoring that a healthy working environment exists for the buildings occupants. The company conducts IAQ monitoring within Commercial Buildings is Indoor Air Quality Assessments, Ventilation and Ductwork Hygiene Assessments, Thermal comfort, Legionella Risk Assessment, Ergonomics, Noise Assessments, COSHH Assessments. Main Clients: Private sector clients 52%, including Thomson Reuters, Harrods, Shell (UK) and central government / health sectors works 48%. This made of the following activities: general indoor air quality and ventilation hygiene 60.6%; occupational hygiene 11% and water treatment/hygiene 28.4%.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland, is a government organisation established by law and operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. VTT operates under the public mandate established for it by the Act on the Technical Research Centre of Finland 953/2010 (this Act entered into force 1st of December 2010 and supersedes the Act on the Technical Research Centre of Finland (144/1972) and all amendments subsequently made to it):

The Research Centre is impartial non-profit expert organisation acting independently in respect of its customers. The objectives of VTT are to create high level scientific and techno-economic knowledge and know-how and to generate technology and innovations for industry and society. The Research Centre improves its clients’ technological and economical competitiveness and promotes socio-political planning and execution.

VTT develops and manages strategic research activities in the interest of the Finnish economy and society and thereby helps create the prerequisites for sustainable growth, employment and well-being. These research activities are planned and implemented as multi-year, coordinated research and innovation programmes. In 2011, VTT’s turnover was 280 million €, with personnel of 2800. VTT receives third of its total income directly from the Finnish government. This allows VTT to carry out the high-risk strategic research necessary to generate the knowledge and know-how required for fulfilling its public mandate.


Instituto de Engenharia Mecânica

IDMEC is an R&D institute associated with FEUP for R&D in mechanical engineering and with links to the national R&D system of which it is formally part. IDMEC has been involved since 1988 in EU projects sponsored by DG RTD (JOULE) and DG TREN (THERMIE). These projects had an important role in the R&D of EU in relation with the building thermal performance (PASSYS, PASCOOL) and indoor air quality (IAQ Audit, European DataBase on Indoor Pollution Sources, AIRLESS, MATHIS, HOPE). Recently IDMEC was the coordinator of the European Project of 6th FWP EnVIE (Co-ordination Action on Indoor Air Quality and Health Effects) that led to the proposition of a set of policies including the preparation of a Green Paper on IAQ ( IDMEC has the Laboratory for Indoor Air Quality through which national contacts with the Industry developed. This laboratory focuses on studies on indoor air quality evaluation in buildings and on the development of clean building materials in support to manufacturing industry.


Eco-Counselling Europe

Founded in 1991, EcoCounselling Europe is a network of more than 20 national partner organisations working in the field of citizens, awareness raising and environment information (, aiming at the establishment of eco-counselling networks in the Central and Eastern European countries as well as in the Mediterranean. Its main fields of activities include Preventive Environmental Protection and EcoManagement, and one of fields covered are outdoor and indoor air quality.


Dutch Chapter of International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate

ISIAQ is an international, independent, multidisciplinary, scientific non-profit organization which has the promotion of healthy, comfortable and productive indoor climate as an objective. ISIAQ has members from nearly all sections, such as scientists, building administrators, facility managers, architects, construction-, building-, and installation engineers, medicals, industrial hygiene experts, policy makers and environment lawyers. On January 4th 2000 has been founded, as a Dutch chapter of the international ISIAQ. wants to promote and develop the objective of ISIAQ in the Netherlands. has been successful in the last six years as a society for specialists in several domains of indoor air quality, climate and health in buildings. Among the members are designers, building services consultancies, occupational hygienists, indoor air consultants and academic researchers, representatives from national institutes and government. Currently has 41 individual members and 8 associate members. Approximately 25% of all members are also member of the international society.

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for a Healthy Indoor Life

While AIRLOG does not aim to solve current gaps in the scientific evidence of IAQ health risks (SCHER Committee), it aims at:

Helping auditors improve their audits

Helping clients better understand the IAQ control and maintenance processes

Improving IAQ control in EU buildings

AIRLOG is designed to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing and diagnosing IAQ in buildings, and
ultimately becoming a Good Practices Digital Guide in EU IAQ.

The Indoor Air Quality

Indoor exposure to air pollutants occurs in all indoor environments. Due to the complexity of indoor air pollution and its variability over time, a precise estimation of associated risks is a challenging task.

A European Problem

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is the main cause for the problem known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). The World Health Organization (WHO) considers SBS as a modern plague that undermines the health and productivity of building occupants.

30% of EU buildings suffer from SBS

The Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks stated in 2007 that a comprehensive review of the
existing data on the indoor air pollutants, as well as the set up of a pan European database, is required. Currently there is no
existing solution to assist field engineers in IAQ audits
in buildings at EU level, and no standard EU technical management platform devoted to IAQ audits.


· A virtual management platform that will create an objective, measurement-based framework for indoor air quality audits in buildings.

· The database will be a repository of important value, as it will combine exposure data bases, standardization requirements, harmonization and cooperation across Europe, examples on multidisciplinary approaches, and concrete data on specific measures, among other data.

· A web-based IAQ audit support and decision support system will offer up-to-date support, training and knowledge on IAQ audits and management systems.