IAQ audit · The process

Without Airlog

An IAQ audit collects all information by filling technical forms on-site.

From this preliminary study, a sampling plan is prepared to conduct the thorough IAQ audit.

After collecting the samples, their analysis lead the auditor to suspect the existence of an airborne contaminant originating from an specific area.

The auditor has the need to go back to the building and study the extension of the contamination and its source.

A new sampling plan is drawn, where a more focused study will be done from the microbiological point of view.

The auditor discovers the source of the contaminant.

A detailed paper report is prepared and sent to the building owner. The information is complex and the auditor must assist the client in its interpretation and consequent implementation of preventive or corrective actions.

With Airlog

The auditor performs a study and creates a sampling plan for the IAQ audit, assisted by the expert data-base and the modeling software of AIRLOG.

The data collected by the auditor and inputted into AIRLOG, already suggests the possibility of a contaminant source in a specific area.

The auditor discovers the source of the contaminant.

A detailed digital report is automatically prepared by the AIRLOG system with the data collected in the audit.

The building owner can access the reports on his building directly through AIRLOG. The system itself provides the client with simple and straightforward interpretation of the information on the state of his building. The same system can aid in preventive or corrective actions and support the implementation of an IAQ Management Programme.